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Desktop Pix4Dmapper - Volumes - Compute button not showing


I have an intermittent recurring issue with volume calculations.

Occasionally (maybe once every 15 times) when I close off the stockpile perimeter with a right click the “Compute” button does not show up. Also the clipboard and settings buttons are greyed out and I cannot delete the perimeter. Screenshot of this is below.

The only way to fix this is to save and close the project, and re-open it. When reopened, the volume is able to be computed without a problem.

Any help on how to avoid or fix this problem would be appreciated.





I talked to one of our testers and apparently this issue can happen if you zoom in and move the scene while drawing the volume. One way that should avoid the issue until it gets fixed is to not zoom in when the scene needs to be moved to draw the volume base surface. Otherwise, the workaround you described can be used as a last resort.