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Virtual Inspector, Pix4D Cloud Japan and much more

Virtual Inspector

We just released a new tool to perform virtual inspections on top of projects processed with Pix4D Cloud. You can read this post on our blog for more detailed information about the feature:


Pix4D Cloud Japan

Following the partnership announcement done on November 15th between Kokusai Kogyo Corporation (KKC) and Pix4D, we released the Japanese version of Pix4D Cloud. All data is stored and processed in Tokyo and it doesn’t leave the country.

Pix4D now delivers an i-Construction-compliant drone mapping and photogrammetry solution for the Japanese market. i-Construction is a set of government-defined regulations that govern the collection and processing of drone data.



All our online applications are now fully translated into Japanese and English (US), with several other languages set to become available in the future.


3D model viewer

We performed a lot of new optimizations which make rendering faster on most modern computers, especially those with retina screens. This also translates into a lower impact on battery life when using a laptop of mobile device.

On top of that, 3D models are now decoded with a Web Assembly ( decoder which results in them being loaded and decoded significantly faster than before.


Other Improvements

  • Improved the loading of projects via the timeline so that the timeline does not get refreshed and preventing flickering effects.
  • Problems which requires user action while uploading files are now more visible.
  • Added the possibility of downloading outputs (when available) even if the processing failed.
  • The image viewer rendering has been improved to make it faster and more compatible across different browsers.
  • Faster application loading due to only loading certain parts of the application when they are required. For example, we only load the PDF reader/decoder when you upload a CAD Overlay in PDF format.
  • Projects processed with a free trial license of Pix4D now are showing that mention in the shared view.



  • Fixed the pinch-to-zoom gesture when viewing a 3D model on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the wrong project to be opened under some circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug in the image uploader which made it consider images with .JPG  and .JPEG extensions as having a different type.

  • Removed the “Delete” button for projects which are being processed and which can’t be deleted.