Video Fly Through - Transition from point cloud to mesh

I’m trying to create a video fly through where it transitions from the point cloud with the cameras shown to a point cloud and then finally the mesh. The idea is to show the process as part of a promotional video. I generate each view with the appropriate layers turned on, but when I generate the video, its all just of the Mesh… which still looks good, but isn’t what i’m going for. I see there are “Layers” under the video tab, but I can’t find anything on how they work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

We don’t have the ability to transition from one type of asset to another yet. We’ll get to this eventually.

For now whatever is visible in the view is what is rendered in the video. What you could do is to generate the video for each type of asset you want to show (with the same path). Then you can combine them in a third party video editing tool with the transition you’d prefer.

Note: we want to add this capability directly in PIX4Dmatic in the future, but it will require some more work.

Hope this solves the issue in the meantime!