Video Animation Improvement

Hi Guys,

I love your software, however I find that what really sells Pix4D to my clients is the animation videos we’re able to create.
However unfortunately there are a number of limitations with the video creation element of software, which could clearly be improved, such as changing the speed between points, as well as the ability to move the camera points with ease, in 3D speace.

Would love to hear when this is going to be addressed and improved.

Thanks Paul


I would second Paul’s ideas. Sharing data with clients has become somewhat easier with your cloud platform, however, we still use video-flythroughs a lot, particularly because they can display polylines, polygons and other additional information within the raycloud which currently the cloud platform doesn’t support. 

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Hi Paul and Jason,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have forward it to the team in charge in order to evaluate it and potentially include it in future releases.


I support Paul’s idea here too. Especially being able to slow the speed of the camera between rendering points.

Rendering points that are close to objects in my point cloud move way too fast and zoomed out rendering points move too slow, so if I try to fix one, the other gets worse.