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HELP! Video animation freezes

I have a half mile roadway model that I have created that requires a 3 minute flyover video for a local municipal client. I created two waypoints (one at the start and one at the end) when I render the video it starts to process and move through the model.  It suddenly stops and the rendered video is the full 3 minutes, but only has a few seconds of animation at the beginning, the rest is a frozen frame.  I have been messing with this all weekend and am running into my deadline.  This an extremely frustrating and helpless feeling as the support from Pix4d is slow and I am facing the reality of having to disappoint my client over what should be a simple export.  Can anyone help me? The render setting are below

Duration: 180 seconds

Maximum Speed: 9.1373

Format: MPEG4

Frame Rate: 30fps

Resolution: 1280x720

Encoding Quality: Very High

Show Visible Area: unselected

Hi Jason,

Can you try creating a shorter video to see if the renderer is able to output smaller files? Try setting the duration to 10 seconds and see how long this takes. 

If you reduce the quality settings does the video come out as expected?

If you add more intermediate waypoints does this improve the output?

 It may be related to the amount of RAM available on the computer. Do you have access to a computer with more RAM to see if the video is able to be generated? 

Thanks Holden,

You had the right idea. It turns out there was an issue with my graphics card. I reinstalled the drivers and it works perfectly.

Great to hear!