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Vertical structure surround with scaffolding

Hi guys,

recently i have a project to 3D map of a vertical structure at a factory. Its kind a tall storage tank with scaffolding surround it. When i did the orbit fly surround it and check the output in pix4D mapper it really hard to get a good 3D structure. Do you guys have any advice? Setup that i used are:

  • gopro camera

  • quadcopter using flight planner

  • recording 4K video

please help as i am new in this stuff. Good advice is highly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Ahmad,

Recording video wouldn’t be my first choice for mapping a vertical structure. Make sure to take clear images with a high level of overlap in an orbit around the structure. Also the scaffolding will be shown but in my experience a GoPro is the best choice for crisp structures. When orbiting make sure to take a large number of photos in a spiraling down motion. You can find a help page in the manual for Pix4d. 


Hope this helps and best of luck!