Version 4.8.3

When will the next stable version be released? Version 4.8.3 looks like it added support for the Autel EVO 2 v3 and I’d like to see if this resolves the issue I’m having with elevation results after processing in Pix4d Mapper.

Hi @joe.gatti ,

Indeed, we added support for Autel EVO II V3 to PIX4Dmapper from v4.8.3.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give a time frame on when will the next stable version be released. Nevertheless, you are free to download v4.8.3 from our PIX4Dmapper technical release notes to give it a try. Just click the version number then you will be able to download PIX4Dmapper.

If the elevation issue persists, feel free to send us a support ticket or post here in the Community. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you further.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)

Hi Rosana,
I downloaded it and ran one of my test flights through step 1 pretty much the same results I’ve been getting. I had a ticket open with you guys but seems no one can figure out what the issue is. I’ve had a couple different folks process the flight using Pix4d and other processing software and they are getting similar results. I also have/had a ticket open with Autel. I’m waiting for them to tell me who I need to send this drone back to for testing.