Verification Email failed to be sent

Good afternoon,

I am having a little trouble using my account. I have not received a verification email from when I created my account and when I try to use my account it says I need to send an email. and when I click the button to send verification email it fails to send. I have checked my spam folders and junk box. nothing from PIX4.


According to our system, we sent three emails on Nov 1, two on Oct 21, and three on Oct 18. Would you please make sure that the email address is correct? If you could let us know the license that you would like to activate, I will manually do it so please let us know.

We look forward to your message.

Kind regards,

Yes, I have checked my junk Emails and Others. This is the email I would like to have the license activated on. Thank you!


Thank you for checking the junk and other email folders. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the attachment. Is it a trial license or a paid license? If it is a paid license, I would recommend contacting us or our sales team as it has personal information.

Kind regards,