Using Pix4D screen shots and video grabs in our own training materials

Hi there, we are using Pix4D Cloud to deliver mapping services to our clients and we want to create tailored training materials (videos) for them so that they get the very best from the software. The Pix4D training videos are great, but we want to make ours more tailored to our clients’ needs and more intimate in terms of using their maps and mentioning their teams and processes within the training. Can I do this under “fair use” copyright, or do I need written permission from Pix4D? Many thanks.

Hi Kerry!

We hope you’re enjoying PIX4Dcloud.
No, there’s no written permission needed, and if you’d like you can even use our demo datasets!

Otherwise feel free to create your own data and use it in your training videos and feel free to send us if you need any help (or assets) from our marketing team ( or training team.

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Hey Rodrigo

Yes, it’s our platform of choice! Thanks for the confirmation, very much appreciated.

Also, your colleague has been in touch and I will have a conversation with him about the Certified Trainer Programme.

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Hi @perytonsurveys ,

Thank you for your reply! Good to know you are in touch with my colleague about the Certified Trainer Programme. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

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Rosana (she/her)