Using Pix4d Capture App to localize fawns with Flir Vue R in high grass before farmer do mowing and kill them


DJI Phantom 4 Pro with Flir Vue R and Analog FPV Stream.

Using the App on IPad with 2D Polygon Function.

What’s good:

The App is super easy to use. 

What would it make perfect for our application is:

    • To be able to set diffrend Hight, in the picture you see the topography deference of 60 Meter uphill so would be great if the app would just get the Map informations and the different hight. so if I set the poligon the at 50 Meter over ground then the drone would fly uphill and keep the real distance, preventing collision with the hill or other objects, because we fly at Dawn.

2.- Durring the Mission I would like may to rise the hight with the Stick because of an obsticle or to get down as well, that would be awesome so wouldn’t need point one. Now we have to split the mission in two one with 30Meter and another with 50…

  1. No need for recording fotos at all, so a swich of would be great to get more flawless app

  2. Setting the speed of drone with meter per second and not slow or slow + aso. would be more user friendly

  3. Be Able to set the Angle of the used Lense FLIR VUE R with 13mm Lens and a FOV of 45° so the overlapp would match when raising hight and so on

  4. Get the GPS Coordinates displayed some where

  5. And what would be awesome to be able to store the GPS Position of the found Fawn, so we could complete the mission (Field) and then get back to the Fawn using drone again to lead the team on the ground.

Thank you very much for your Feedback

Would be awesome if we could save more fawns with some improvements of the App!

Best Regards


Hi Zoran,

Thank you for sharing this interesting use case.

To answer your questions/feature requests:

  1. The terrain awareness feature is highly requested and our team is already aware of it. I have forwarded your request in order to put more weight on it but I cannot guarantee when/if the feature will be implemented. As a workaround, I recommend performing multiple missions at a different altitude. More here: Terrain Following.

  2. We recommend taking the obstacles into consideration while planning the mission in order to ensure a safe flight. In case you come close to an obstacle we recommend to Pause the mission and take over manual control. 

  3. Since the app is developed to acquire images that are used for processing in photogrammetric software I do not expect that a feature like this will be added. If more users contact us with a similar request we might reconsider it. 

  4. Same a no. 1 - I will add your vote for this feature. 

  5. It is possible to define a custom camera on the iOS version of the app. As a side note, if a custom camera is set then the app will not trigger the images automatically and the triggering interval needs to be defined directly in the settings of the camera. 

Could you provide me more information about point 6 and 7? Would you like to see the numerical number of the coordinates on the screen of the device or would you like to import a file with coordinates (.kml/.kmz) into the app?



Hi Blaz

Thank you very much for your feedback I appreciate that very much!

Poit 6 and 7, well both would be fine if we would have the numerical numbers live on screen we could forward it to the ground team.

What would be more usefull is to mark the fawn in Google Maps (Pix4D Map) and export the mission to share it with the farmers or for statistics and other use.

Thanks a lot great applications!

Best Regards



Hi Zoran,

While there is currently no way to do that, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you are looking for. I have transferred your recommendations to our team in Berlin that is dedicated to our agriculture solution.