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Elevations Measurements in PIX4D

Hi Pix4D

I am still trying to figure out the exact elevations measurements on PIX4D apps? it is based on above drone pilot ground level or above sea level?

Thanks in advance for your information

Hi Wahyu,

If you are talking about measuring in your Pix4Dmapper, your elevation (z value) will depend on the vertical coordinate system you use. You can select the coordinate system after you check advanced coordinate options in the select output coordinate system window. See the video or this link for more information.

For Pix4Dcapture, the flight follows height above takeoff point and does not follow the terrain. Let me know if that answers your question :slight_smile:

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Hi Pix4D

Thanks for your feedback,

I have plan to make a map from my national park by using Pix4D,

For instance, if my sampling area altitude is around 150 meters above sea level and my landing position is at 100 m above sea level. it means if I set drone elevations at 100 m on Pix4Dcapture, the drone will fly with height above 200 meters above sea level, right?

Hope this information is clear to you.  Even my phantom 4 have obstacle sensor, but I should think carefully about it.





The drone will not follow the terrain in Pix4Dcapture. So, if you are staring it at 100 m above ground level, it will collide with a mountain that is more than 100 m in height (AGL), for example, 120 m. Your landing and starting position will be the same, that is the home location. However, our developers are constantly working on the app to make it more user-centric. I think I am able to answer your question now :slight_smile: