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Flight height

Depending on the flight dimension and the overlay value,   
the routes and number of shots are calculated. If the surface on which the flight is at 100 meters   
altitude from the home I want to fly 50 meters above   
the level of flight I have to enter for the flight plane  
 is 150 meters. the product obtained is not processed correctly because  
 the overlap will not be sufficient as it is calculated  
 for a theoretical flight dimension of 150 meters while  
 the actual is 50 meters. Can two values be added to pix4dcapture,  
 one referring to the amount that the drone will fly   
to the home and one used to calculate the route a  
nd number of shots?

I think the “maps easy” capture application incorporates a 3D terrain model where the flight height is above the actual terrain model. I have intentions to try it if there is someone who knows it I will thank you for your comments.

If you do not have direct access to the place where you want to acquire the images and this place is 100m above where you stand, you could fly there in a manual mode and start the mission in Pix4Dcapture when the drone is more or less at the desired ground altitude (i.e. at 100m).

This will initialize the home position and then the drone should go to the right altitude (i.e. if you set 50m, it should go 50m above) and should thereby also have the right overlap. You’ll have to make sure to take manual control of the drone to fly back as well, i.e. when the mission is over switch to manual control and fly the drone back. I would advise this only for advanced drone pilots.