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Feature Request: Pix4DCapture

In the UK it is normally necessary for the UAV to be 50m away from any person, structure or vehicle that is not under control of the pilot. In order to get sufficient clearance this means that the flight height has to be set at 60m which reduces the resolution of the imagery. Could you change the flight height control to increment in 1m jumps instead of 10m?

Hi Paddy,

The vertical GPS of the drone is not accurate enough to take full advantage of such a feature. Indeed, the vertical coordinate has an error up to 10 meters. We however, reported your suggestion to our product manager who will review it.

Thank you for your feedback!

Hello support,


It is true that GPS is terrible at determining height. This is why there are NO drones which would determine current flight height using GPS.

To determine relative height, drones use atmospheric pressure sensor (barometer), with error up to several centimeters.


This means Paddy’s request makes sense (although personally I don’t need such functionality; maybe the height step could be configurable so that people with no need for meter accuracy would keep it as it is).


Personally, I would love to see a long list of various options in Pix4DCapture settings tab.


I didn’t see the original reply so thanks, Tomasz, for making the point about barometers. I agree with you that a configurable height step would be the best solution for everyone’s needs.