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Using individual photos from Mavic Pro 2 panoramic shots.

With the Mavic Pro 2, it’s possible to take 360 or 1080 spherical photos. Further to this, you have the option to keep the original photos that were used prior to the stitching software creating the panorama.

My question is, would it be possible to fly and take 360 or 1080 panoramic shots at different locations within an enclosed space, and then use those to create a 3d model? Or should it be from just one location, or what?

Hi David,

Could you tell me what do you have in mind saying take 360 or 1080 panoramic shots at different locations within an enclosed space? Is it possible to show it somehow on the map? 

I look forward to your response




So what I would like to do is illustrated below…sort of.

  1. perform a double grid flight over an AOI that contains trees and foliage.

  2. in order to get more detail on the tree trunks, and under canopy features, I would like to take 360 degree paronamic shots at fixed points within the AOI at a lower altitude. See the illustrations here:






Now, I understand that I cannot model these shots together with the double grid in the same project. But what Im thinking is, i could merge 2 projects. 1) A double grid project, and 2) a project made up of multiple panoramic sweeps. Is this possible? I know it’s possible with other photogrammetric software to create 3D models from panoramic cameras, but can Pix4D do it using a standard Mavic 2 camera that has taken collection of images to form a panorama?

Hi David,

In photogrammetry, one of the principals is that the images are taken from different locations and not from the same spot. So try to avoid only taking one panorama from a single spot as this kind of images are not optimal for 3D reconstruction. 


What would work better and provide you with more detail is an orbital mission around the point of interest. More information in the Types of mission / Which type of mission to choose article.


It is then possible to merge the double grid missions with the circular one in order to combine them together.