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Centroid Picture Acquisition vs Continuous Mode

Jonas, I am a technology vendor in forestry and most of my clients need 2D mosaics more than 3D models.  It seems that the Capture App right now is centered on establishing flight lines across a given AOI and then autonomously flying it while taking continuous pics every second or so, and then processing the result in Pix4D.  To create a mosaic only, would it be possible to specify the AOI (or better yet load a shapefile polygon) and specify the altitude and overlap and then have the Capture App simply calculate the least number of centroids that would be necessary to adequately cover the AOI tiles?  The flight would then consist of simply flying to to the centroid of the first tile, hesitate and take a pic, fly to the next centroid of the next tile, and repeat.  What I am trying to do here is decrease the number of pics from hundreds to maybe only a few to cut down on the processing time and fuzzy areas that we seem to get when mosaicing forest photos.  I know the 3D models require the dense overlapped photos, but could a 2D mosaic not only get by with fewer pics, but possibly result in a higher quality pic with fewer blurred areas?  Just some thoughts.  I may just be exposing my ignorance here, but I thought it would be an interesting discussion.  I have a P3P and am about to jump on the beta wagon as soon as 2.0.5 is released.  Thanks


For 2D and 3D rendering, we need to know the 3D position of each image. Hence, we need a minimum overlap between the images anyway. If you want to have less images, you can set the “overlap” setting to “low” and see if it is working for you.

In the general settings, if you check the “advanced mode”, then you can even set the overlap in percents, from 0 to 95. I think it is exactly what you want. Note that if the overlap is too low, then the processing will fail ;-).