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Support for 360 view from multiple cameras in an outward facing ring


 we are interested in creating a 360 rig from several (say 8) cameras in an outward facing ring. Probably convenient to record video but perhaps we can trigger cameras at intervals.

The panoramic scene from one position is of interest. But we are more interested in the ability to stitch footage collected from a UAV, particularly to create 3D point cloud. At face value: 8 cameras could give very high overlap, but not sure if Pix4D can utilise all of these to stitch a scene. Would it have to treat each camera like another flight over the same area?

We are also interested in use of such a rig indoors where there will be no GPS.

Keen to hear if this can work,

regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

In principle, you can work as you describe.

There are two possibilities:

  • Define and compute the rig (you need the rig add-on)

  • Use all of the images from the 8 different cameras in the same project


I would go for the second option but depending on some aspects, a defined rig might help. 

As for the geolocation, there is no need to have it but it is always better to know the initial position of the images.

From our experience, if you are working in a tunnel for example, the texture of the walls is really low sometimes and having GCPs (or at least some manual marks that can be identified) help a lot.

If you are flying outside, I guess there will be a lot of blue sky in the images so you might need to remove it as explained here.