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3D reconstruction from 2D panoramic images input

Hello, I’m using Pix4Dmapper pro to make 3D model of small object that is long and thin scaffold member. First, single facade for 90 captured images and finally, 12 facades are input. I got this model.
But, it took too many times for processing. So,I envisioned first making a panorama of single facade and then input 12 panoramic images for 3D modeling.
Is there any convenient tool for making panoramic image and it will work?


Hi @jjonga0213,

In photogrammetry, one of the principals is that the images are taken from different locations. So it would be beneficial to take images from many angles similarly to what you are doing now.

For this kind of structures its best to orbital missions around its center. More information in the Types of mission / Which type of mission to choose article.

Hope this helps.