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Building facade reconstruction error


I’m having a lot of difficulties trying to allign different pictures of a buildg.
I have different pictures of the facade, 45° and 90° of the entire building but I am not able to process them all together.

So i tryed to divide them by different project and process sperately and after merge them with mtps.
But the pictures of the facade seem that they can not merge in any possible way to the general project obtained by 45° and 90° pictures.

I can not find any solution and I noticed that there is maybe something wrong with the geo exif data of the facade pictures.

Please is there a way to solve this? i will upload a part of the pictures and projects on drive down here!Aje2HFnam5HRz3JFZ6qphN2jRVEn?e=gKkIZg

Thank you

Hi mate,

your are trying to process with the 3D maps parameters and fast processing…
Try to process with “complete” for your keypoints in the initial processing and free flight in the second tab (pairing).