facade images have incorrect elevation

I’m creating a model of a building and after flying a crosshatch nadir mission I then flew manually around the building at a low altitude capturing the facade to enhance the model. I flew with the same drone on the same day as the mapping mission. I processed the two datasets separately and when merged the bottom or the “ground” level of the facade images line up with the roofs surface. Any incite would be appreciated. Thanks

Can I successfully realign by adding manual tie points after the first step and reprocess? Thanks

Hi @tom1,

Do you confirm you are following the procedure described here?

(You can also give it a try by adding all images to the same project.)

Are the two (sub-) projects comparable in terms of GSD?
Are the quality reports of the subprojects “green” :white_check_mark: ?

A common cause for projects fail to align properly relative to each other is due to not enough matches between the subprojects:

  • Add more common Ground Control Points or Manual Tie Points in the subprojects before merging.