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User definable start point?

Good morning pix4d, are we able to select on which corner we wwnt the mission to start? Could not find this in the manual. Also, you may want yo update some of you technical docs to reflect current app amd drones.

Thank you

bumping for an answer @pix4d


Hi Cesar,

At the moment, there is no feature that allows you to specifically choose a waypoint as the starting point. There a some workarounds on both Android and iOS:

  • Grid and double grid missions: the first and last waypoint are fixed, so you can rotate the rectangular symbolizing the mission until it is oriented the way you want.
  • Polygon mission: you can set the orientation of the flight lines by sliding left or right on the flight plan. The starting point moves with them.

Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, it is a work in progress. We always try to keep our knowledge base up-to-date and are doing our best to keep up with the latest developments.