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Drone hovering at waypoints

I have done a polygon mission plan in pix4d capture app with P4p. The drone normally take a photos from a start point. But end of the first way point the drone has stucked.Its take a photos as a same place when the drone has stuck. Why the drone act like this?

Hi Sabha,

There were also some other users reporting a similar issue. We believe it is not a bug on our side but something related to DJI’s SDK and that the drone indeed hovers at the first waypoint. 
If the user waits for approximately one minute the drone should start the mission normally. 


Very similar issue in my flying as well.  From the inflight data, it looks like the drone is waiting to be at a complete stop at the exact waypoint instead of a reasonable tolerance around the spot.  For some reason it seems to get better as the mission progresses but still varies by waypoint.  Not much to do but wait and plan on 1-2 extra minutes of flight time beyond the estimate.