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Update of the latest firmware of S.O.D.A 1.3.0

Good Morning!
     Please would you like to update Pix4D with the latest firmware_S.O.D.A._1.3.0 released on 10/20/2017, when will this version be available within Pix4D?

my camera and my drone are up to date, Pix4D is missing

Hi Sigma VANT, 

What version of Pix4D Desktop are you using? Please make sure you used the newest version 4.0.24. You can download it here:

Normally, there should be a camera model for the new S.O.D.A firmware with the name “S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648”. Maybe you have to select it in the dropdown list of the camera models in Project > Image Properties Editor > Edit…

The firmware version is not explicitly written in the model name, this was an exception for the firmware 1.1, more about that here: