Does Pix4d Capture support firmware 1.6.0040 yet?

I might have jumped the gun here and installed firmware 1.6.0040 and when I open Pix4D Capture and choose a mission type the app closes out. Is that because the Capture app does not support 1.6.0040 yet?

It looks like 1.6.0040 works with SDK 3.0, not 2.4.



Hi Caleb,

We always recommend the latest firmware to fly a drone with Pix4Dcapture, regardless of the SDK version.

Currently our Android app (3.0.1) uses SDK2, and the iOS app (1.2.2) uses SDK3. Both should work with the latest firmware.
Release notes:

If you wish and have time to give it a try, we would be glad to read your feedback.