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Turning many images into one big image

Hi Pix4D Forum,

I have looked high and low for the answer to this but can’t find it…

At the moment i’m using Pix4D to create 3D point clouds. However, instead of creating a point cloud I would like to generate an output that takes many aerial images that point vertically down (bird’s eye view) from a flight plan and turns them into one very large image that has “stitched” each image together.

for example: I take 100 images of a field - I would like to deliver an output to the client as one big image that shows all the 100 images as an entire image - I don’t want a 3D point cloud, just a flat image.

Is this possible? Please get back to me, it’s driving me crazy :slight_smile:


What you want is the orthomosaic…

There are many articles in the site about it…

Hopefully you’ve solved this since early June. Local processing then check box #3 (DSM and Orthomosaic generation) performs this task flawlessly.