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Trying tio Process a data set to a different coordinate system, experiencing errors

i am trying to reprocess a data set that was surveyed using a sensefly albris, the data was collected using the WGS84 coordinated datum. The output coordinate system i am trying to process to is NAD83(CSRS) / UTM ZONE 17N. During the final processing stage 3 there is an error that occurs (point cloud gridding failed). I cannot find any information regarding that failure, does anyone know what that means or how to resolve it?

It should not be an issue due to coordinate systems as image and output coordinate system can be different. We have seen this happening due to RAM sometimes. Can you send us the quality report and the logfile?

See attached for logfile and quality report.

i was able to get it to work but i am unable to open the contour .dxf file. it it seems everything is orientated oddly.

Upper Main NAD 83.log (1.7 MB) Upper Main NAD 83_report.pdf (811.7 KB)


Yes, it seems you made it work as we could not find any error in the logfile. But the quality report seems odd, with the whole project disoriented and clustered to a point. Can you let me know why you are using NAD83 as the image coordinate system? The image coordinate system is automatically loaded from the images and most drones capture images in WGS84. The output coordinate system should be the one you select or choose.


I did not realize i was using NAD83 as the image coordinate system, perhaps that is the issue. I was able to reprocess using the proper coordinate system as well as the correct output coordinate system and achieved a great deliverable. The error was EBCAK (error between chair and keyboard). Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for letting us know! Glad it worked :slight_smile: