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NAD83(original) coordinate system not available

Hello Everyone

Longtime user of Pix4D - love the product. I am currently processing a project for a municipality in Canada and the client has requested that the coordinate system registration be in NAD83 (original). Aircraft is Intel Falcon 8+ that captures in WGS84 and control was generated in NAD83 original with aerial targets. It appears that the only option for NAD83 is CSRS (both GCP input as well as final output) and am wondering if there is a way to add a coordinate system? There is extensive line work that will be completed in CADD thereafter - would it be best to incorporate GCP information in CADD or another software that will allow me to use NAD83 original for exporting the final outputs?

Appreciate the help

Hey Matt,

What do you mean by original NAD83? Do you know the parameter values used to define this coordinate system? The local mapping institute might have published them online. You can search for the desired CS by using these websites:


Hi Teodara

Thanks for getting back to me. The project is located in Ottawa Canada that is still running on NAD83 original and has most of the infrastructure/buildings and line drawings in this format. We have scanned approximately 8km of rail line and they require that the point clouds be exported in NAD83 Original MTM Zone 9 for delivery. Pix 4D has a few options for NAD83 but do not see an option for NAD83 original… I am wondering if I am just reading it wrong and one of the options is in fact the coordinate system I am looking for? I am hoping that I won’t need to do a coordinate transformation in the next step of post processing but it is looking like that will be the case.

Thanks and have a great day


It’s in the list under “North American Datum 1983”

Good Afternoon Andrew

That is great - thank you for letting me know. I am currently processing and unable to check but will do so ASAP.

Have a great day


Hello Andrew

Can you merge projects through Pix4D cloud or is this something that has to be done through the desktop?


Only in desktop i believe.

Hi Andrew

So “North American Datum” is the equivalent of NAD83 (original)? I gave to guarantee accuracy requirements/coordinate requirements and want to make sure before I identify the output as such. Cheers


I am not very familiar with the CS from North America, but the most frequent practice is to find the CS definition that contains the parameters that you need (prime meridian, unit, projection, latitude of origin, central meridian, scale factor, etc). Did you use this CS with other GIS software?
Maybe this website can also help: