GCP horizontal shift

Getting a strange shift when trying to process in NAD83(CSRS)

This was done with an RTK drone, base point is in NAD83(CSRS). Strange thing is when I process in NAD83 original everything lines up.

The error from the initial point isn’t even close to the difference between CSRS and original (easting shift = 0.371 ± 0.018 / northing shift = -0.279 ± 0.023

any thoughts on what is happening here?

Hi hjennings0,

This sounds like an issue with the transformation between the image coordinate system and your output coordinate system. It is difficult for us to fully troubleshoot. First, can you attach your quality report so we can see the errors? Perhaps the report for NAD83 and the report for NAD83(CSRS).

The other thought I have is if you could try this in PIX4Dmatic. In the preview version (1.46), you can change the image coordinate system. This might process better. Feel free to sign up for a trial.