DJI M300 RTK and AeroPoints coordinate systems

Hi everyone,

I’m very new at the mapping game. I’m using an M300 RTK with a P1 camera for acquisition, AeroPoints 2 for my GCP’s and Pix4Dmapper for processing. When starting a new project in Pix4D, my photos come in using WGS 84 coordinates, but Aeropoints data is only processed using NAD 83. When I leave the WGS 84 default my photos come in accurately, but when I change to NAD 83 to match up with the Aeropoints, my photos end up almost 600 miles west of where they should be. My Aeropoints data also comes in at an angle, and I always get an error message that my GCP’s are far outside the image area, but maybe that’s a separate problem.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but can someone please tell me how I should be doing this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TroyG ,

Normally you should not change the image coordinates. If the correct Image Coordinate system is WGS 84 please do not try to change it. Have in mind that there are 3 CRS that you will have to set up, Image / GCP / Output Coordinates System. May I ask what is the exact CRS for the Aeropoints data(GCPs)?

For more:
How to select / change the Image / GCP / Output Coordinates System
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Have in mind that the GCP and the Output Coordinates Systems need to be projected coordinate systems.