Matrice 300RTK + D-RTK 2, accuracy problem

Hi there, I’m trying to use PIX4Dmatic for my image processing (creating orthophoto) but i’m not satisfied with accuracy- geopositioninig of my final product. There is error of about 70cm.
Here is my setup and workflow:

  1. Using D-GPS i measure geolocation of a point.
  2. Putting D-RTK-2 at that known point
    Question: WHich coordinates should i enter in to RTK2: WGS 84 or projected (UTM38N)? Because
    there is difference about 1m.
  3. Enter the adjusted coordinates in DJI Pilot on my remote controller.
  4. Fly the mission and record images (alt: 100m AGL and GSD obut 1.28cm/px)
  5. I have GCPs with coordinates in UTM 38N [m]
  6. After import images in PIX4Dmatic, I’m importing GCPs (.txt)
    Select KNOWN CRS. For horizontal CRS select EPSG: 32638
    For vertical CRS select “Ellipsoidal height over the WGS 84 ellipsoid”
  7. Start processing.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Dejan,
Typically images are going to be tagged in WGS84. I actually wasn’t aware that it gives the option to tag them in a projected coordinate system. What are you tagging them in?

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