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RTK Accuracy issues in Pix4D

Hi everyone,

I am re-posting this topic here under the advise of the community support technicians. :slight_smile:

Original Post:

The accuracy we are getting from the RTK is under 20mm, even so, when calibrating the images in Pix4Dmapper using Accurate Geolocation and Orientation method, we are still seeing a slightly shift of about 1m.

We used a Trimble R10 ground station to record some GCPs and to check the Outputs accuracy against them.

Unless we tie up the data to the GCPs coordinates, the 20mm accuracy from the RTK looks useless.

Any thoughts?

We flown the area using DJI Matrice m210 RTK v2 fitted with DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera.

Thank you muchly!!

Are you flying an RTK Drone? If so which one?

Are you tagging the GCP’s in the GCP manager also?

We are using DJI Matrice m210 RTK v2.
To improve the accuracy, we do tag the images but my concern is if the RTK is 20mm accurate, why do we still have this big differences between GCP coordinate and the actual RTK accuracy?

How are you mapping the mission and getting your RTK position?

If youre off by 1m, it doesnt sound like youre getting a fixed position.

We are just connecting the drone to the RTK via DJI software. All it says is that is connected to RTK.
Unfortunately, i’m not the pilot of the drone and i do not know much about the flight itself. I will see if i can find some more details and i will post them here. Either way, it’s there a way that we can check the position whilst we are surveying?

Heres a quick video:

Are you getting the corrections from the r10 local base or network?

Are you sure you’re using the correct coordinate system? For example where I’m at I could use NAD83(No Trans), NAD83(CORS96) or NAD83(2011). They’re all pretty close, just about a meter off between them.