RTK ACCURACY - which version of PIX4D

I am flying the phantom 4 rtk drone.

Which version of the program do i need to import me photos with RTK accuracy?

I have 3.0.17 and when importing photos it doesn’t have RTK photos accuracy.

Best Regards

Hi Robert,

Can you send me 3-5 images of your project?


Yes sure :blush:


Hi Robert,

I had a look at the images and the issue with the image geolocation accuracy was fixed on version 4.6.4 of PIX4Dmapper according to the technical release notes.

What you could do is maybe set for all images a more generic accuracy by selecting the Horizontal accuracy of one image, right-click and select changing the horizontal accuracy of all images.

I hope this helps.


Hi Nikoleta,
We have pix4d in company.
I dont want to mess with acuuracy.
We have 2 phantom 4 rtk, and we need this type of version(minimum version) which will be ok for RTK photos.
I need your help and direct information. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi @robert.mokrus ,

The horizontal accuracy of your images is less than 2cm and the vertical one is around 3cm. I would say you can put safely for the horizontal around 2-3cm and for the vertical aroun 3-4cm.