Tool for project archiving

Hi all,
When a project is completed and delivered to the customer, it comes the time of archiving it to release some space in the hard disks but also provide the opportunity to revisit the project in the future. Currently, it is not clear which files are required / are not and what kind of actions can be done with them?

The current approach is is archiving anything that is inside the root folder of the project. This will provide the opportunity to, for example, recalculate the orthomosaic without repeating the calibration step. As interesting as it is, it looks like an overkill for all projects (most probably they will be completed for good). In most cases, having a minimal set of files (like the p4m, gcp, marks and maybe the output of the calibration) would suffice.

What about adding an archiving tool (or some clear guidelines of which files are required)?


Hi @pix4d-pro,

Thanks for explaining your need for archiving projects.

My understanding of your request is that you would like a way to archive a minimum set of files, so that a minimum of space on the hard drive is taken and that you are able to recreate the project identically to what you delivered in case it is needed. Please correct me if this is not correct.

Would you be interested in some flexibility depending on the project (e.g. sometimes you want to keep the point cloud, or the ortho), or is the minimum amount of files always the way to go?

Also, do you want PIX4Dmatic to archive the input images too, or do you consider this separately in your archiving procedure?

Thanks for your feedback!