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Missing Point Cloud and Ortho in Project

Hi, I have a large project that was completed several months ago. I just opened the p4d file and everything is fine. However, when I click on the Processing tab steps 2 and 3 are both red indicating that they have not been run. However, I have 5 Gb of files in the 2_densification and 3_dsm_ortho folders proving otherwise.

Is there anyway to get Pix4D to recognise the files and that those steps have indeed been run?



Hi Chris, 

If we correctly understood the project can be opened and the results that were created in the previous version can be visualized. The problem is that steps 2 and 3 are shown as red instead of green. Please correct us if this is not the case.

It could be that new requirements or features were added in steps 2 and 3, which are not fulfilled by the project that was processed in the previous version. 

In order to turn the display of the steps from red to green, we would suggest to recreate and rerun the project in the new version of the software.