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Photo file path changed since processing and now point cloud and orthomosaic lost

I had to move my project and associated files from my C: drive to an external hard drive and now I have re-opened the project but none of the photos are shown. P4D asked me to select the path to the photos and now the point cloud and orthomosaic are lost. I really dont want to have to do another full process everytime I need to move the files. Is there any way to make this work now or am I stuck?

I didn’t even move anything, but my project lost all of the results. Even though the Image Property Editor shows all of the images, Camera tree is grayed out. Everything has gone.

Have you tried to move all files back to C? It is not very safe to run / open a project from an external disk. The connection could have problems.
I move p4d projects all the time from my main machine to my laptop to show them to my clients and I never had problems. I copy the project file, the images and the output folders

have you tried to move the original images to a folder where the project is stored?

Hi Matt,

To move a project from one disk to another the following data must be copied:

The project file (.p4d) .
The input images.
The output folder.

The structure folder should remain the same.

As Steve says, it is not very safe to run / open a project from an external disk. We do not recommend it.

Hi Vusal,

If the output folders are not moved, then you should be able to see the results in Pix4Dmapper. Please check that the output folders are there. For more information about the structure folder:

Best regards,

“As Steve says, it is not very safe to run / open a project from an external disk. We do not recommend it.” 

Would this hold true for a network drive as well? During processing, should both the imagery and project files preferably be located on internal drives only? Thanks, 


Hi Matt,

If your connection with your network drive functions well you shouldn’t have any problem processing your project on it. However if it’s not the case, connection problems might interrupt the processing, that’s why we do not particularly recommend it.

I copy Pix4D projects to the network and other computers all the time…and yes the picture folders are changed too.  There is no issue with this as long as the .p4d and entire project folder is copied.  It is 100% safe to copy/move Pix4D projects to other drives and computers.

Even on a 1Gb wired Ethernet connection, loading or processing from the network is crazy slow and never recommended…I have done it enough to know it is a no-win situation so place all your files locally for Pix4D.

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