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Tilted Point cloud


i submit to your attention a problem found in a georeferenced project. 

The point cloud results “tilted” compared to my 3-axis orientation in default. 

So i tried to change them using the commands “new orientation constraint” but nothing changes. 


Thanks for attention


Hi Fabrizio,

Could you post some screenshots that depict the issue you are facing?

Also, please upload the Quality report so we can get an overview of the project here



here are some screenshots.

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for sharing the files, now I can clearly see the tilted model that you mentioned. 

Looking at the quality report, the calculated image positions (green dots) are tilted with respect to the initial camera position (blue dots) and this is why the model generated like this:

The issue could happen because of the non-optimal flight plan and I would recommend using a grid pattern mission for future projects. 

We have developed an application for Android and iOS mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) called Pix4Dcapture. It allows the drone to autonomously fly an area and take images with sufficient overlap in order to achieve the best results with Pix4D Desktop and Cloud, our computer software, to generate outputs such as point cloud, 3D mesh, DSM, orthomosaic and more. More information available in the Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started article. 

As for the recommendations for this project:

  1. Add Ground Control Points in order to properly position and orient the project. More in the Using GCPs article. 
  2. In your project the orientation calculated from the image geolocation is too different from the one defined with the Orientation Constraint and, therefore, the Orientation Constraint will not be taken into account. This is why I would recommend removing ( Clear ) the image geolocation before using the Orientation Constraint. For more information about the image geolocation: Menu Project > Image Properties Editor… > Image Geolocation.
    Keep in mind that, in the end, this means that the project will be oriented correctly using the orientation contains but will not be georeferenced (image geolocation is removed). 

Let me know if this answers your question and let me know how it goes.


Thank you.

Yes i know Pix 4 capture grid and i’ve always use this. And in the 

But in this case for safety, wasn’t recomended. So i used the free flight mission. 

Thansk for help!