Images rotation


If during the photogrammetric flight, the drone takes the images in the same flight direction, when I process these images, they are oriented differently from each other.

After step1, when I click on the point cloud, the images which contain that point are displayed on the right-side.

Is there any way to rotate these images in order to be oriented in the same direction?


Thank you very much for your time!

Hello Michael,

The images can be taken with different rotations for example if the images are in two different strips or even if they are in the same strip, the drone can rotate.

There is no problem about it as the software will compute the right angles during the computation. for the visualization the software takes the correct angles so that is why it appears rotated.


Hi Daniel,


I got it. Pix4D computes the right angles during the computation, but I would like to know if it is possible just for visualization changing the images angles (for example all images point at north). I say this, because when I mark a GCP on a uniform terrain, it is sometimes difficult to find the point if the images are in different angles.


Thank you so much

Hello Michel,

That is not possible to do. The images are oriented according to the exterior orientation and that might lead to have different rotations when displaying the images.

Thank you very much.

Hi again Daniel,


Ok, I understand


Thank you