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Tilted Images

Using our DJI Matrice M200, we collected data for a stockpile inside a partially enclosed area and after processing Step 1, some of the photos were tilted opposite orientation of where the photo was actually taken.  We cannot figure out why or how to correct this.  Can someone help?

You might improve the matching by changing some Step 1 settings but most likely it is from a lack of overlap in the pictures so Pix4D is having a hard time orienting all the pictures together.

Hi Chip, as Adam already mentioned, having higher overlap between the images would be beneficial in this case. Keep in mind that you can also combine aerial images with the terrestrial datasets in order to increase the overlap and therefore produce better results. 

One thing that would also help is adding MTPs/GCPs in the areas that are not optimally reconstructed. More in the How to add / import and mark Manual Tie Points in the rayCloud article.