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Cameras point down, some up and some sideways.

Cameras point down, some up and some sideways. Can anyone explain this one to me? All shot by a mavic 2 pro over four batteries. Accuracy counts as this will make its way to a civil/survey project. Is there a way to override the angle of the camera? Some other solution?

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Hi, Can you send us your quality report (pdf)? It seems like Pix4Dmapper miscalculated the image positions/orientation.

Center Mountain - Dec 2 2020_report.pdf (2.1 MB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did rerun it going 9x9 vs the 7x7 and made several manual ties to connect the photos. The improvement was marginal.

I would recommend removing the image that is far away from your area. That will create some good graphs in the report which will be better for troubleshooting.


For the camera direction issue, Can you change the keypoint image scale to 1/2 and also enable geometrically verified matching? Process step 1 after that. Let me know how that goes.