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Tiled Result for Corridor Flight

We recently flew a roadway corridor and are getting tilted results after processing the data.

We flew at 170’ and captured oblique images (70 degree angle), so my first thought is that the camera was probably oriented the wrong way. You can see here that it was pointed looking down the roadway instead of towards the middle.

Unfortunately we don’t have the option to adjust the flight plan and recapture the data. Is there anything I can do to remedy the situation?

One other note is that this is just a portion of a larger project that will have to be merged together (6 separate flights). The results from all of the others is looking good and is geolocated, so I’d like to preserve the geolocation in this portion if at all possible.

Hi @mzjensen,

Can you share the PDF quality report here?

Hi @Alice_Bonfiglio,

I actually had some success by combining this flight with the others before and after it. It seems like it was able to figure out the orientation when it had good data on either end of it. But I’m still curious to hear what you have to say, so here is the quality report from the portion that didn’t work initially.

Quality Report.pdf (579.8 KB)


Thank you for sharing the quality report with us.
The report looks very good. Have you checked the results? If everything is good then you managed to make it work. For future image acquisition please have a look at the article below: