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TIFF files from SlantRange

I am flying a Matrice100 with a 3p SlantRange sensor. I am getting pictures taken by the drone camera and they are being processed by Pix4DFields flawlessly… but I need some other options for my index generator and the only way to get them is by loading a TIFF file. Unfortunately the file I am getting from slantrange is garbage and it cannot be used with Pix4dFields. how can I create a TIFF file that can allow me to do NDVI processing?

Please help.

Hi Alex,

If I understand correctly you have used Pix4Dfields desktop with images acquired by the SlantRange 3P.  Whilst the images produced are TIFF files, you will first need to use SlantView Lite to apply all the optical and radiometric calibration corrections to the imagery.  This will allow for export of a geoTIFF, this is the format we require to process this data in Pix4Dfields.

The sample data set we provide is multispectral collected from a Parrot Sequoia camera which produces TIFF images with the background information required for processing in Pix4Dfields directly and producing a geoTIFF orthomosaic.  The Index generator tool can then be used to produce various index maps (including NDVI).  With the 3P you need to first run the extra step described above and then import the geoTIFF into Pix4Dfields.

Regards, Sam

Edward, did you ever find a solution for importing slantrange images into PIX4D? I have a 3PX and interested in using PIX4D.