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Processing Slantrange 4P+ data

I have used Pix4Dmapper Pro desktop with images acquired by the SlantRange 4P+. First I used SlantView Lite to apply all the optical and radiometric calibration corrections to the imagery, and then I exported images with Pix4D option. SlantView Lite splitted each images into 6 images, that in PIX4d I can see in gray scale. My question are two:

1- What about the Index calculator option? Is the No correction option in typy of correction right? Why?
The camera has a “sun irradiance sensor”. Is the correction applied already in Slantview?

2-How can I save the output of Pix4D in RGB tiff? I didn’t understand how to produce an RGB orthomosaic, because the outputs are in greyscale.

Thank you very much.
Maria Angela

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Hi Maria,

Welcome to pix4d community! I will answer your questions below:

  1. You can ask Slantrange about this. I guess slantview already does the radiometric correction, so you will need to use no correction or camera only.

  2. For multispectral images, Pix4D will generate only the reflectance map of each band (grayscale). You will need to use a 3rd party software like QGIS/arcGIS to make a RGB composite. It will be similar to this: (the last part)

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