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tif files will not open

I have four files from a recent project in Pix4D Cloud.

File: 00057 - size: 379MB - Opens in everything
File: 00058 - size: 183MB - Only opens in Photoshop
File: 00059 - size: 361MB - Only opens in Photoshop
File: 00061 - size: 498MB - Opens in everything

I’m positive the issue isn’t the size as the ones that do open are sized 379MB and 498MB. The ones that do not open are sized 361MB and 182MB. So they are similar to the two that do open in size.

So I don’t think size of file is the issue.

The ones that do open, will open in Preview, Finder, Safari and all the Adobe applications. The ones that do not open for my client will only open in Adobe Photoshop for me, but not in anything else.

My client does not have Photoshop. I can re-save from Photoshop but this removes the Georeferencing, so they are useless to my client.

We both use Apple Macs, not PCs.




what files are they?
Could you please tell us the name of each file?
Are they all orthomosaics or are they DSM files?

Thanks, the file names are in my original post. 00058 and 00059. They are orthomosaics not DSMs.

Thank you



Thank you for the information provided.
The TIFF files created by Pix4Dcloud are compliant with the TIFF standard. We want to be sure that there is nothing wrong happening. Could you please send us the 4 files you mentioned earlier (00057, 00058, 00059, 00061)? You can upload them here.
Please let me know when the transfer is completed or if you encounter any problems with the upload.


Thanks Daniele,

I have uploaded the files to the link now.

Please have a look and let me know what can be done about 00058 and 00059.

Have a great day


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the data.
My windows can show all 4 data properly in the preview

When I open them in QGIS, I can see that 00057 and 00061 are shown properly.

The other two files (00058 and 00059) can not be displayed properly in QGIS, indicating that there may be a problem with the spatial reference for these two images. Did you modify them in any way after Pix4Dmapper created these? Did you use a different coordinate system when creating 00058 and 00059 files?


Thanks Daniele,

Yes that’s what the problem is for the client too.

No I didn’t do anything different with the files.

Can you do anything with them? Can I re-process them from the app? I can’t see a way to do that.



I have replied to you in our direct conversation.

I will post here the solution when we will find it.