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Thermal stitching failure

Hi All,

I have been using a thermal in field surveys of crops and have a persistent problem that I cant seem to understand. Using a Parrot Anafi Thermal and Pix4D capture to fly missions. When processing mapper under thermomap option I have no problems with any of the operation of the software and all images extract and align and process fine. However, when i extract the ortho tiff file at the end. and import into qgis for data extraction i end up with more plots then there are actually present e.g. say the field has 44 rows at 2m wide the thermal ortho has 48 or 49 depending on which mission it is. This therefore means that when I go to extract data from polygons overlayed on the thermal tiff the data is un trustworthy due to not reflecting what is actually there. Has anyone had an issue like this before or help suggestions ?

Hi mitchellb611,
Do you have the maps swipe tool installed in QGIS? If so, can you use it and show the images side-by-side? I want to be able to see how the rows are lining up.