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Matrice 300 RTK + H20T / Pix4D Maper

Good morning,
During our first fly mission on the photovoltaic field on the top the warehouse, we get few problems on pix4D mapper.
Our drone : Matrice 300RTK + Zenmuse H20T
Project 1 : ThermalCamera
After we transfer our project, this is the report from Pix4D
=> On the picture we can see a difference between the vegetation and the top of the warehouse, especially on the photovoltaic. It seems the sotfware can’t adjust correctly.
Is it about the reflection of the sun ?
Or because all the panel photovoltaic looks the same ?
Project 2 : Thermal Camera Map
When I try to upload my project on the project “thermal camera map”, is not working.
Sometimes 3% OR 81% was uploading, but not the totality. It’s impossible to finish the initial treatment.
This is an attachment of the report n°1 and the link of Dropbox.
Thank you for your advice,


Thermal pour Forum_report.pdf (1.8 MB)


Did you try adding manual Tie Points ?

Hello, thank you for your answer. I have not tried this method, not knowing how to use it, I will see if I find tutorials online.

Thank you