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Thermal orthophoto reconstruction

Hi! In the process of reconstructing a thermal ![]( orthophotos (144 frames), I use the Thermal Camera template. How is it possible that by inserting the 144 geolocalizations deriving from the multispectral frames, the reconstruction obtained is that attached? Usually the reconstruction is successful.  

Hi Federica,

Can you write us a support ticket with the quality report, log file, and the p4d file? That will help us solve the issue together. I will update on this thread when we find a solution. Since you have processed in a similar way before (with geolocation data from multispectral imagery) for other projects, that should not be causing this issue.

Could you provide me an email address where I can attach the documentation that asks me?
On the platform I am not allowed to attach files if not images.


Please Federica, submit a ticket at this link

You can contact Support clicking Contact Support in the header of the page

Thank you