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Thermal outputs


I recently bought a flir vue pro r 640x512. I used it a couple of days ago and ran the processing last night. I did what it said and used the rjpeg images for processing, the camera was set by default etc so I went the whole way through the processing and everything was good. However the index calculator (picture) was in greyscale. I am looking to produce a coloured heat map on the index calculator, however, no matter what I have tried everything from the point cloud etc is in greyscale and even the default for the Vue Pro R says greyscale. I am just wondering if anyone knows, what I’m doing wrong or if it’s possible to produce a coloured heat map. On the pix4d website where it describes the different types of outputs for the thermal camera it shows a coloured heat map.

Thanks in advance


Grayscale in the camera group means that the images have only one band, that is, only the temperature values in the pixels which is correct for any thermal camera when you use rjpeg or tif and these are the formats you should use because you want to see the temperature values. For RGB, we name the group as group 1.

You can always change the colormap of the index map. First generate the index map from the reflectance map and change the color scale.

For changing the color of the mesh,

  1. Click on rayCloud. Go to Triangle Meshes.
  2. The triangle mesh has a colour and shader dropdown as a part of display properties.
  3. Select Thermal as the shader.
  4. The mesh will have a thermal texture for visualization.

For point cloud, you need to select it from the shader: