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Visualizing Thermal Outputs

I’ve been experimenting with a thermal camera (DJI Zenmuse XT2 640 - 30hz - 13mm), which is mounted on a Matrice 210, and processing the imagery in Pix4D.  I successfully processed the thermal imagery in Pix4Dmapper by following the suggested instructions of using the “Thermal Camera” template.  With this template I was able to successfully create a thermal ortho and visualize it in the Index Calculator.  My question is "Can I/How do I visualize the 3D point cloud with the same thermal coloration as the Index Calculator ortho?

I tried following the instructions below, however I found that I’m not showing the same options under “Display Properties”.  I’m finding (or overlooking) the ability to change the “Shader” to “Quads, Thermal or Spherical Points, Thermal”.  All that I have shown under “Display Properties” is “Show Class Color”.

Any help in understanding how to visualize the 3D Point Cloud with thermal coloration would be very much appreciated.



Visualize the 3D Point Cloud in the rayCloud

  1. Click  View > rayCloud , to open the rayCloud and load the 3D Point Cloud by ticking the Point Clouds box in the Layers section of the left sidebar. For more information: Menu View > rayCloud > Left sidebar > Layers > Point Clouds .
  2. Display: (optional) In the Point Clouds layer of the left sidebar, select Display Properties and change the Shader to either Screen Aligned Quads, _Thermal _or Spherical Points, Thermal.

Hi Daryl,
To visualize the 3D point cloud with the thermal coloration, you can change the display properties under densified point cloud as shown in the figure below. To do so, go to, Point Clouds>>Densified Point Cloud>> Display Properties>>Shader>>Spherical Points, Thermal or Screen Aligned Quads, Thermal.