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Thermal Orthomosaic Click on Pixel to See temperature

I have a collection of Radiometric JPEG images from a Zenmuse XT ready for processing as a Thermal Map. For output, I want a radiometric orthomosaic image that I can open in a suitable viewer such as FLIR tools, and click on any individual pixel to know what the temperature is on that pixel. How do I do this?

When I look at the TIFF output from Pix4d, I get only a white shape with black border (no greyscale) and no photo viewers are able to open this picture, including flir tools. Help, please!


Hello Ichol,

You can find information on how to process thermal images in this article: Processing thermal images

In order to get what you want, you should make sure to check the Reflectance Map generation and the indices:

Please be aware that your camera is not absolute and it does not provide with real temperature values so what you can see might not be the real temperature.