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The waypoint uploading is not complete

When Pix4d Capture Takeoff DJI Insprie Pro 1.  What happend  I used low speed is error “The waypoint uploading is not complete” and some time  “Execution of this process has timed out” But, I use High speed The mission is complete.


I have the same problem with a dji P3advanced using version 3.1.0.  This morning it failed 4 times which is frustrating and costly. 


@wiraphone, Kirk

A new version of Pix4Dcapture for Android (3.2) has been released yesterday , and what we expect is an improvement in the mission uploading process. Can you give it a try and tell us if it’s solving your issues?

In the new release we also included new Double-Grid mission for DJI drones (better 3D models reconstruction) and new functionalities to save offline basemaps per project for several zoom levels.

You can find more information about what’s new, improvements and bug fixes here: