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The right computer

We are using Pix4D and it runs fine on our computer, but when we put the point cloud in AutoCAD it locks up with the large point cloud. Would the computer size recommended for Pix4D solve this issue as well or is there something else needed? We are using AutoCAD 2014 with Carlson Survey 2014. We have tried using it on a computer that has 32 GB RAM and Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @3.60GHz, 64 bit operating system, and it still locks AutoCAD up. Thanks

Hello Wade,

The Pix4D recommendations for hardware are considering the processing and use of Pix4Dmapper, regarding the use for other software, we cannot be aware of the recommended software.

We suggest you to type in this post the size of the file to see if another user can help or contact directly AutoCAD to see about their limitations.

At the same time, it may fail in AutoCAD due to other reasons, so the best would be contact them with the steps you followed and the exact error message or problem received.